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Wins Soft Innovations Private Limited, one of the leading and the most comprehensive ERP solutions providers since its establishment in the year 2004 has now created a niche in the ERP software industry offering an extensive range of compelling, tech-driven ERP applications to various business verticals like the Textile Including Spinning, Weaving, Wet Processing, Fabrics, and Garment sectors and Dairy industries. “Wins Soft” with ultimate passion offers its customers to get started and engaged with their business through top-notch quality ERP tools thereby enhancing their brands and growing their business across the globe with powerful ideas.

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Featured Products

“Wins Soft” offers an extensive range of ERP software products for Textile Industries including Spinning, Weaving, Wet processing, Fabrics, and Garment sectors and Dairy Industries.

Textile ERP PRO

Our Textile ERP PRO helps you manage all product variants within one system including the rate of design, production, manufacturing, and distribution within the textile industries. It helps convert all manual processes to digital thereby creating a leaner manufacturing environment for warping, sizing, weaving, dyeing, and garments.

Wins Soft
Wins Soft

Dairy ERP

Dairy ERP software from Wins Soft for Dairy industry helps people streamline multiple aspects of processing the dairy products like milk sourcing, chilling, pasteurization, homogenization, and so on thereby ensuring successful communication between various centers like warehouses, chilling centers, and processing plants

Textile CAD and Costing

Wins Soft Textile CAD and Costing is specially designed for textile industries to assist in drawing textile designs. It is not only designed for designing but also for automating many processes like design calculations, simulations, and data analysis and fabric manufacturing like cross-check patterns, stripes, Dobby, Jacquard designing related aspects.

Wins Soft



The ERP software which is the Enterprise Resource Planning software is a business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications for managing their business thereby automating their business daily routines and back-office functions related to the latest technology.

ERP software is a type of enterprise application that is specifically designed to be used by business firms. It often requires dedicated teams for customizing and analyzing the data and also for handling the upgrades and the deployment. ERP will be required by businesses and organizations like School management, Institute management, industrial business, telecommunication business, manufacturing business, etc.

We will implement the ERP within 180 days for single location implementation.

They will be depending upon the prospect interest and we can demonstrate our ERP in an hour also depending upon the area of interest. But, it will take nearly four to six hours at least for a full ERP demonstration to cover the entire process with reports/dashboards.

Yes, we will provide the required training. Though no technical knowledge will be required to use our software, we still provide one-to-one personal training to all our customers.

No, there are no hidden charges and all you need to do is just make the payment as per the agreement given.