Dairy ERP –
Gives an optimistic future for Dairy industries

Dairy ERP – Latest trend shaping the Dairies!

Dairy ERP – supports with organizational and accounting issues.

Dairy ERP helps milk cooperatives in implementing, developing, and executing good governance with appropriate control over the organizational activity with flexible and integrated planning process covering all important aspects of dairy business including fresh/white, cheese/yellow, and raw material planning and drying. Wins Soft ERP modules will benefit both the cooperatives and the farmers to find their optimum operational method and also to identify their best practice and helps in re-engineering their day-to-day business processes.

Implementing Wins Soft Dairy ERP software helps dairy industry manage milk production with innovative simulation, planning, balancing, and controlling instruments.

Implementing ERP software in all the Dairy industry will help them manage their organization and accounting issues with greater efficiency. Once implemented, ERP for dairy industry will assist them manage milk production with innovative simulation, planning, balancing, and controlling instruments right from milk procurement to milk processing up to its finished products will be co-ordinated well with Wins Soft ERP implementation. Our ERP system will help milk societies to have a better control over their operations thereby reducing the fraudulent and malpractices.

Distinctive features

Minimum Capitalization

Time & Cost saving

Supplier/ Vendor Management

Key benefits of of Dairy ERP

Modules & Sub-Modules of Dairy ERP software

Dairy ERP is designed for Milk Processing Centers, Chilling Centers and Collection Centers to cover a wide range of Dairy administration and management processes. It is an integrated end-to-end Dairy Management System that provides relevant information across the Dairy to support effective decision making for Customer care, Dairy administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow. 

  • Processing Centre Registration, Chilling Centre Registration
  • Procurement Route Registration, Collection Centre Registration
  • Agent Registration, Farmer Registration
  • Vehicle Registration, Other Dairy Registration
  • Product Group, Product Registration, Indent Product
  • Sales Route Registration
  • Division Manager Registration, Area Sales Manager Registration, Sales Rep Registration
  • Buyer Registration, Buyer Route Grouping
  • Sales Unit Registration
  • Supplier Registration
  • Unit Registration, Unit Type Registration
  • Company, Warehouse, Department, Bank Registration
  • Employee Registration
  • Procurement Rate Chart Milk
  • Procurement Rate Chart Cream
  • Procurement Rate Chart Additional Rate
  • Procurement Rate Chart Fixation, Procurement Rate Modification
  • COC Route Modification
  • Sales Rate Chart, Sales Rate Chart Branch
  • Sales Discount Registration, Sales Discount Registration Branch
  • Month End Incentive
  • COC Cloud Import
  • COC Milk Receipt, COC Lab Entry
  • COC Cream Receipt
  • Milk Type Changed details
  • M/C Integrated Automized COC Milk Receipt
  • M/C Integrated Automized COC Lab Entry
  • COC Data Download
  • Offline COC Excel Import
  • M/C Integrated Automized CHC Milk Receipt, M/C Integrated Automized COC Lab Entry
  • Manual CHC Milk Receipt, Manual CHC Lab Entry
  • CHC Cream Receipt
  • CHC Transport details
  • All CHC Auto updated status MIS
  • M/C Integrated Automized CHC Milk Receipt (batch over update)
  • CHC Data Download
  • CHC Milk Delivery, CHC Tanker Sales
  • Offline CHC Excel Import
  • PRC Lab Entry
  • Milk Receipt QC, Milk Transfer QC, Milk Production QC, Milk Sales QC
  • QC Admin Approval
  • Silo wise QC, Packing QC
  • Dairy Milk Receipt, Silo wise Receipt Entry
  • Dairy Milk Cream Receipt,CHC Milk Receipt Status
  • CHC Milk Avg Analysis
  • Procurement EXP Master
  • Transport Cost
  • Work Order, Batch Production
  • Packing Production, Production Cost Day Summary, Production Cost Month Summary
  • Milk Type Transfer, Packing Stock Transfer, Warehouse Transfer
  • Batch Production
  • Milk Delivery, Tanker Sales, Return DC
  • Milk TS
  • Sales Order
  • Indent Note Type A, Indent Note Type B
  • Loading Sheet Preparation
  • Indent Authentication
  • Invoice
  • Branch Transfer, Manual Transfer
  • Retail Invoice, Retail Invoice Closing
  • Branch Retail Invoice, Branch Retails Invoice Closing
  • Tanker Sales
  • Admin Approval, TCS Reconciliatio
  • Category Master, Group Master, Material Make Master, Size Master, Material Master, Terms and Conditions
  • Purchase Request
  • Indent Allotment
  • Quotation Enquiry, Quotation Receipt, Quotation Comparison
  • Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt, Purchase Return
  • Bill Receipt, Direct Purchase, Super Admin Approval
  • Stores Direct Stock Entry, Stores Transfer, Stores Stock View
  • Stores Stock Adjustment, Crates/Can Opening Stock
  • Stores Delivery, Stores Department Receipt
  • Machine Registration, Machine No Registration, Machine Spare Registration
  • Task Registration, Task Assign
  • Work down Entry, Daily Maintenance Entry
  • Daily Machine Breakdown Entry, Maintenance Bill, Reports
  • Procurement Bill Processing, Procurement Bill Approval
  • Voucher Preparation, Mode of Pay
  • Other Dairy
  • Milk Payment
  • Advance/Loan to Agent/COC/Farmer
  • General Payment
  • Outstanding View
  • Ageing View
  • Month View, Cumulative Date View
  • Payment, Receipt, Journal, Sales, Purchase
  • Banking, Contra, Pass book view
  • Accounts, Day Book, Balance Sheet
  • Monthly Ledger, Trial Balance, P&L, Reports
  • Company Registration
  • Bill No. Master
  • User Creation, User Rights
  • Visitor’s Gate Pass
  • Employee Gate Pass - Gate Pass Approval, Security Entry, Gate Pass Permission, Gate Pass Status
  • Material Inward Gate Pass, Inward Gate Pass Approval
  • Material Outward Gate Pass – Vehicle Master, Gate Pass Security Entry, Material Outward Gate Pass, Output Gate Pass Approval

Register/Report Module of WS Milk Dairy ERP software provides many types of status Reports to the Management and departments of Procurement, Production, Sales, Stores Purchase, Stock, Payment.

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