Weaving ERP –
Automates your Weaving unit!

Convert all your manual weaving process into Digital!

Get a complete automation of your weaving unit with step-by-step tracking!

Wins Soft Weaving ERP is designed to handle complete weaving needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way.

Being an expertise in the field for several years, Wins Soft offers weaving ERP which makes it possible to manage the weaving process fully automated with flexible configurations with perfect adaptions to the clients’ specifications.


Wins Soft Weaving ERP – Helps you right from planning & scheduling to machine settings, maintenance, and quality management.

Wins Soft Weaving ERP is complete, fully-integrated ERP software especially designed for weaving units that is subject to continuous development with a correct value for their long-term investment. Wins Soft weaving ERP helps them in real-time recording of production data that is of utmost importance and also aids such weaving units for overcoming their challenges right from catering to seasonable demands, precise order completion, managing the process capacity, to process variability owing to several operating parameters.

Distinctive features

Seamless integration

Easy to operate

Worth the investment

Key benefits of Weaving ERP

Modules & Sub-Modules of Weaving ERP

  • Warehouse, Department Registration
  • Buyer, Supplier, Bank Registration
  • Product Registration
  • Stores Registration
  • General/Others Registration
  • Mill, Loom, Beam Registration
  • General Category Registration
  • Tax Registration, TCS , TDS Registration
  • User Admin
  • Order Acceptance
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Planning Master
  • Sale Order Close
  • E Invoice Generation
  • E-way Bill Generation
  • FG Allotment
  • Fabric Allotment
  • Yarn Allotment
  • Stock Allotment
  • Yarn / Beam Receipt
  • Yarn Purchase
  • Fabric Purchase
  • Stores Purchase
  • Yarn Beam Purchase
  • Order, Yarn Delivery, Yarn First Piece Inspection
  • Unprocessed Return
  • Dyeing Receipt, Return Receipt
  • Inspection, Dyeing Return
  • Party Invoice, Settlement
  • Order, Yarn Delivery, Yarn Return
  • Empty Beam Delivery, Empty Beam Return
  • Winding, Warping/Sizing, Beam Winding
  • Bill Receipt, Bill Settlement
  • Weaving Order, Yarn Delivery
  • Yarn unprocessed Return
  • Loom Allotment, Loom Gating, Winding
  • First Piece Inspection
  • Loom Production
  • Inspection
  • Bill Receipt, Settlement
  • Weaving order, Empty Beam Receipt, Empty Beam Return
  • Yarn Delivery
  • Yarn unprocessed Return
  • Sized/Warped Beam Delivery, Sized/Warped Beam Unprocessed Return
  • First Piece Inspection, Receipt, Return Receipt
  • Inspection, Return Receipt Inspection, Return,
  • Bill Receipt, Settlement
  • Job Work Order, Job Work Delivery
  • Job Work Unprocessed Return
  • Job Work First Piece Inspection, Receipt, Return, Return Receipt
  • Job Work Inspection
  • Job Work Return,
  • Job Work Invoice, Job Work Settlement,
  • Job Work Status, Despatch
  • Packing List
  • Delivery Note
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Invoice, LR Entry
  • Scrap Sales
  • Sales Return
  • Inspection
  • Credit Note
  • Yarn warehouse
  • Fabric warehouse
  • Beam warehouse
  • Accessories / PM / General Warehouse
  • General Transfer Allotment
  • Sales
  • Machine, Machine No., Spares Registration
  • Task Registration, Task Assign, Work Done Entry
  • Break down Entry, Work Done Entry, Work Done Status
  • Daily Log Entries – EB, Gen Set, Compressor, Boiler, Vehicle
  • Maintenance Bill, Reports
  • Payment, Receipt
  • Journal
  • Sales Bill, Purchase Bill
  • Banking, Contra, Pass book view
  • Accounts, Day Book, Balance Sheet
  • Monthly Ledger, Trial Balance, P&L, Reports
  • Employee Registration
  • Visitor’s Gate Pass
  • Employee Gate Pass - Gate Pass Approval, Security Entry, Gate Pass Permission, Gate Pass Status
  • Material Inward Gate Pass, Inward Gate Pass Approval
  • Material Outward Gate Pass – Vehicle Master, Gate Pass Security Entry, Material Outward Gate Pass, Output Gate Pass Approval

Register/Report Module of WS Weaving ERP software provides many types of status Reports to the Management and departments of Allotment, Purchase, Job Work, Production, Stores, Packing, Payment.

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