Spinning ERP-
From Fibre to Yarn!

Our Spinning ERP automates all the processes right from cotton procurement to Yarn production!

Acquire absolute control over your spinning mill by tracking it at every step!

Wins Soft offers "all-in-one" spinning ERP for small and medium-sized spinning industries!

Having two decades of experience, Wins Soft excels in offering industry-specific, robust, comprehensive, and astonishing spinning ERP software solutions for a wide category of spinning industries.

Reduce Manpower!! Enhance your company’s Growth!!

Improve your day-to-day spinning mill activities!

Being a powerful tool, Wins Soft ERP helps in managing the entire range of spinning mill operations at an ease by integrating all the departments of a spinning mill seamlessly. The Spinning ERP for spinning industry helps people in controlling all the operations and activities of a spinning mill right from Fibre procurement to yarn production. This can be accessed via a gateway or an innovative dashboard from anywhere across the world in the most effective, accurate, and efficient way. This ERP for spinning industry will be designed for a multi-user environment for ensuring the complete process of the company with no need for physical and manual flow of documents.

Distinctive features of Wins Soft’s ERP

Ready to Use

Easy to Implement

Cost Saving

Key benefits of Spinning ERP

Modules & Sub-Modules of Spinning ERP

  • Department Registration, Warehouse Registration
  • Buyer Registration, Supplier Registration
  • Production Registration - Machine Registration, Machine No. Registration, Spares Registration
  • Sales Registration – Yarn Type Registration, Yarn Quality Registration, Yarn Material Registration, Count Registration, Package Details, Sales Rate Chart Registration, Buyer Wise Sales Name, Buyer Agents
  • RM Sample Enquiry, RM Sample Receipt
  • RM Sample Testing, RM Sample Approval
  • RM Material Purchase Order
  • RM Inward
  • RM Bulk Testing, RM Bulk Approval
  • RM weight list, RM Invoice
  • Stores Material Master
  • Purchase Request, Indent Allotment
  • Quotation Enquiry, Quotation Receipt
  • Quotation Comparison
  • Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt
  • Purchase Return
  • Bill Receipt
  • Direct Purchase
  • Super Admin Approval
  • Carding,
  • Pre Comber Drawing,
  • Lab Former, Comber,
  • Finisher Draw Frame, Speed Frame,
  • Spinning, Winding, Packing,
  • Spinning Yarn Quality, Winding Yarn Quality
  • Machine Registration, Machine No. Registration, Spares Registration,
  • Task Registration, Task Assign ,
  • Work Done Entry – Maintenance Work Done, Task Work Done
  • Break down Entry, Work Done Entry, Work Done Status
  • Daily Log Entries – EB, Gen Set, Compressor, Boiler, Vehicle
  • Maintenance Bill
  • Reports
  • Yarn Sales – Order Entry, Packing Slip, Delivery Note, LR Entry, Invoice
  • Fabric Credit Sales – Order Entry, JW Delivery, JW Fabric Receipt, JW Bill Receipt, Fabric Delivery, Invoice,
  • Yarn Transfer, Waste Sales,
  • RM Sales, Stores Sales,
  • Sales Return,
  • Damage Cone Entry, Sample Cone Entry,
  • Feature Settings
  • E-Invoice, E-Way Bill Generation
  • RM Stores - Automatic Mixing Chart Preparation, Waste Receipt, RM Delivery, Waste Delivery, RM Direct Stock Entry, Waste Cotton Direct Stock Entry
  • Yarn Stores – Yarn Direct Stock Entry
  • Stores Delivery-Department Indent, Indent Delivery, Delivery, Service/Repair Delivery, Service/Repair Receipt, Service Bill
  • Stores Department Return Receipt,
  • Stores Direct Stock Entry,
  • Stores Stock View,
  • Stores Stock Adjustment
  • Company Registration, Company Unit Registration, Bill No. Registration,
  • User Creation, User Rights,
  • Change Password, ISO Registration, Year Transfer,
  • GST Update, User Notification,
  • Database Backup
  • Payment, Receipt
  • Journal
  • Sales Bill, Purchase Bill
  • Banking, Contra, Pass book view
  • Accounts, Day Book, Balance Sheet
  • Monthly Ledger, Trial Balance, P&L, Reports
  • Employee Registration
  • Visitor’s Gate Pass
  • Employee Gate Pass – Gate Pass Approval, Security Entry, Gate Pass Permission, Gate Pass Status
  • Material Inward Gate Pass, Inward Gate Pass Approval
  • Material Outward Gate Pass – Vehicle Master, Gate Pass Security Entry, Material Outward Gate Pass, Output Gate Pass Approval
  • Register/Report Module of WS Spinning ERP software provides many types of status Reports to the Management and departments of Masters, RM Purchase, RM Stores, Stores Purchase, Production, Sales, Stock Statement, Production Waste etc.

MIS - Management Information System

  • Production Details
  • Spinning Utilization
  • Reason Wise Utilization Loss
  • Count Wise Production
  • Cotton Waste Production
  • Cotton Stock
  • Yarn Quality
  • Bag & Cone Stock
  • Daily Message
  • Count Wise Spinning Production
  • Count Wise Winding Production
  • Yarn Reports
  • Spinning Winding Comparison
  • Production
  • Count Lot-Wise Winding Production
  • Accounts
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Production Details

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