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 With two decades of experience, Wins Soft excels in offering Customized ERP software solutions for the Poultries right from product development panning to human resource management to supply chain management. The key forces can be integrated into one centralized system and the data can be viewed to inform and support the decisions thereby automating the basic business operations.

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Implementing Customized ERP software solutions for the Poultries will help such business verticals meet their needs with maximum controllability. Today, flexibility is paramount and by the way, Customized ERP software will help you adjust with what you want to achieve the flexibility and profitability of the business thereby addressing all the challenges of the organization.

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Key benefits of Poultry

Modules & Sub-Modules of Poultry software

Poultry being one of the most sought-after components in the area, it can ensure proper control or monitoring over various phases of business such as rearing, processing measures, temperature monitoring, controlling, and accurate information tracking. Implementing ERP in poultry will yield substantial benefits for the sector in terms of planning various farm activities.

Poultry ERP systems can evaluate and monitor many terms of various phases of business such as rearing period, hatching period, temperature monitoring, and track accurate information related to the company.

  • Adherence to Regulatory Compliance
  • Quality assurance
  • Strong Data Control
  • Enhanced Reporting capabilities
  • Cloud Solution.
  • Livestock Management
  • Sales Management
  • Production Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial Management
  • Production Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Integrated Fleet Management
  • Warehouse Management through Handheld devices
  • HR and Payroll Management
  • Advanced traceability & Supply Chain Management
  • Multi-User & Multi-currency suppor
  • Hatchery management
  • Feed management
  • Farm activity management and traceability
  • Control over perishing quantity and Inventory Management
  • Effective waste management
  • Quality control
  • Intelligent finance management

In the parent farm management module, the management of male breeding stock and the hatchery are additional activities that will be carried out more carefully. To manage the parent stock efficiently, this module will be efficiently enhanced according to the current environment.

Sub Modules

The hatchery management module automatically categorizes and then summarizes the performance report of every incubation equipment and hatchery, the feed consumption report, the veterinary medicine declaration and delivery report, equipment configuration, and the human resources to different places, areas, and the companies and finally draw to different graphs. This module helps to understand the dynamic operating status and the production details at any time thus with the easy realization of automatic management. It saves time and cost.

Sub Modules

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