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Please download and refer to our documents for the following Wins Soft product ERP Solutions. You can use this document to understand how this ERP provides a complete End-to-End solution for your organization’s business processes. The ERP design will boost your organization’s quality and quantity. Check it out and email us for more information.

Textile Industry

Customized ERP

Dairy Industry

WS CAD System


User friendly

Simple user interface designed for quick and easy access by your existing staff.


Modular architecture facilitates easier customization to better fit for your business needs.

Process compliance

Process flow and check-points are established to streamline the process and enable easier.

Real-time order tracking

Perfect, up to the minute information on order wise, process wise, Design/Article wise status.

Targeted Marketing

Option to select designs by seasons, theme, product, and date and omit designs that are already sent to that buyer /country automated draft email is generated.

Business Intelligence reports

For analysis & strategic Decision making identify your most profitable products and analyze the performance of your suppliers, departments etc.,

Finance Integration

Optional feature of a fully integrated Accounts package. All Purchase/Sales transactions are sent to Finance with Order wise references.

Internal Messaging

Keep track of all inter-departmental communications for each order. Save time, insist on responsibility and avoid miscommunications.

Budget Control

Pre-Budgeting for each material purchase, all processes andother standard costs, view projected profit/loss of the order. Actual cost is automatically calculated during each stage of order execution. Comparison of Pre& Post –Budget and cost variance by Department/Process.

Security Definition

Facility to provide User based access rights to perform only specific actions (view/Update/Create/Approve) on specific functions.

Material Requirement Planning

ERP Generate accurate Raw material requirement and Process Requirements with No time delay.

Pre-Budget and Post-Budget

Pre Budget and Post budget generate automatically.

Tracking Current status of orders

MIS) Management Information System provides Accurate order wise and department wise current order Status with Graphical Chart. It leads to move the orders towards the Shipment.


(MIS) Management Information System provides Accurate order wise and department wise current order Status with Graphical Chart. It leads to move the orders towards the Shipment.

Current stock status

ERP Generates Stock reports order wise, department wise, stock in hand at any stage with Value. It helps to transfer excess stocks to new orders and controls the wastages.

Generation of Packing List and Sale Invoice

Generation of Performa Invoice is an automatic process after order entry. Packing slip with auto CBM Calculation & Sale Invoice generation are automatic.

Quality control

Quality control mandatory at each level ensuring better quality without affecting the deadline.

General Expenses

ERP Generates order wise payment. It helps to know where to plan for cost cutting.


MIS – Management Information System generates Detailed Status Report for each Department. It helps to control all process from Order Acceptance to Shipment. All the MIS and Registers can be readily converted into PDFs and Excel documents for easy sharing and perusal. Go Green ( Paperless office)

Data Entry

WS ERP is 100% Supply Chain Management System. Easy to Enter all department data without high Qualified Persons.ERP Restrict incorrect entries in all the Stages.

Supplier Account closure

ERP Generates very Accurate Account closing Settlement to the Supplier is much faster in all Departments.

Gate Pass

Integrated with WS Smart ERP generated Goods Inward and Outward Number with Vehicle details and Images as Photo and Video.

Machine Integration

Weighing Scale Integration and Barcode Generation and Scanning implemented in all the Goods Receipt and Delivery in Scientific Manner.

Notification and Alerts

Can Set Pre-defined checks to all the departments, Notifications and Reports in Wins Soft ERP alerts you through E-Mails, SMS and Pop-Ups in Desktop. Helps you make Pro-active decisions and corrections before it is become too late.

Rate Approval

Single Window Approval for an entire Order.

Lot Number and Piece Number

Very Simple and Easy


Difficult to maintain data and History


HRM Module Integrated with Bio Metric device and generates all reports like Pay slip PF and ESI statements etc., Also can maintain the Employees Complete details with their Photo and Past and Present records of their performance and activities.


Excellent Tools are integrated with Alerts and Priority.


Integrated with Wins Soft ERP


Integrated with Wins Soft ERP

Dash Board

Wins Soft ERP Interactive Graphical Dashboards offers to provide Multi-Dimensional analyses, deviations, comparisons, etc making it so powerful so that you can take well informed business decisions. The parameters related to these analytics are configurable so that the same scenario can be looked from different perspectives through Mobile and Desktop.

Order Completion Report

Auto Generate with Sales/Shipped Status, Remaining Stock of Raw Material, Semi-Finished Materials with Value


Wins Soft enables your organization to meet the primary objective such as, increased productivity through better efficiency, better management control & Transparency, Reduced Production costs & wastages and increased profitability to achieve growth as per the company’s vision

Better Cost control & Profitability

  • Projected profit margin, automatic calculation of actual cost andevaluation of pre & post-Budget for each process
  • Quality Control at each stage resulting in more satisfied Buyers
  • Unit-rate given to suppliers cannot exceed budgeted amount

Strategic Decisions to stay ahead of competitors

  • Timely &perfect information on all aspects of the enterprise.
  • Analysis cost & profitability data by Buyer/Products.
  • usiness intelligence reports with graphical representations.
  • Analyze quality, Timeliness etc., of your Departments & suppliers.

Total management Control & Transparency

  • Real time order status with detailed progress of each process
  • Inventory Management –Order/Dept./Supplier wise data.
  • Supplier profiling, capacity planning & performance ranking.

Enhanced Productivity & Efficiency

  • Unparalleled ease of use with the simple, intuitive user interface
  • Quality Check at each stage avoiding wastage of materials & efforts
  • Internal Messaging with history to save time and avoid confusions
  • Streamlined process for maximum utilization and avoid redundancy.