Keep an eye out for Wins Soft’s upcoming events and also review our successful past ERP events.


Bharat Tex Expo 2024 at Delhi Feb 2024

Yarnex Expo at Tirupur Sep 2023

Knit Show Expo at Tirupur Aug 2023

ITME - 2022 - Noida, India

Weaves Exhibition at TexValley Nov 2019

BANG 2019 - BNI Bangalore Members Day Aug 2019

BNI EROBIZ Fusion 2019 at TexValley Aug 2019

India International Dairy Expo at Mumbai April 2019

Weaves Exhibition at TexValley Dec 2018

Tex Tech Show Karur Dec 2018

Buyer Seller Meet at Coimbatore 2010

Tex Tech Show Karur 2009

Buyer Seller Meet at New Delhi March 2008

Knit Tex Fair at Tirupur August 2008

TEXPOO September 2008

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