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With two decades of experience, Wins Soft excels in offering Customized ERP software solutions for the Food industries right from product development planning to human resource management to supply chain management. The key forces can be integrated into one centralized system and the data can be viewed to inform and support the decisions thereby automating the basic business operations.

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Implementing Customized ERP software solutions for the Food industries will help such business verticals meet their needs with maximum controllability. Today, flexibility is paramount and by the way, Customized ERP software will help you adjust with what you want to achieve the flexibility and profitability of the business thereby addressing all the challenges of the organization.

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Key benefits of Food Industry

Modules & Sub-Modules of Food Industry software

The food industry is undergoing a radical transformation with changes such as a tendency toward contracted agriculture, technological advancements, company mergers/fusions, new marketing techniques, and development of the industrial organization in recent years. In parallel with innovations brought by these transformations, shortages in raw material supplies that are of high quality, constant, adequate, and at affordable prices, problems related to food safety in primary production (vegetative production and animal production), and challenges such as unhealthy raw material statistics are basic problems faced by the food industry as a whole.

Wins Soft’s Customized ERP software development for food supply chain management is an effective way to deal with the complexities prevalent in the food industry. Our ERP software is becoming a staple element for companies working in the food processing units. Developing and implementing a Customized ERP solution in the food processing units provides several benefits over traditional methods. Not only does it streamline the operations in the food supply chain but also helps these companies to cope with the cut-throat competition in the market. 

  • A world-class Food ERP.
  • Backed by an experience of 17+ years.
  • Helps drive innovation
  • Helps planning efficiently,
  • Helps simplify processing,
  • Helps check the quality and adhere to regulations.
  • Industries to be served: Meat, Poultry, Spices, Sweets, Confectionary, Organic Food, Fresh Produce, Sea Food, Chocolates, Sauces, Marinades, etc.

In general, the operations in F&B units are increasingly complex and more prone to errors due to manual processing. Besides, they have to cope with intense market competition while consistently working towards their targets to fulfill ever-increasing market demands. Managing such a massive industrial ecosystem while always being on top of the latest market trends could be a back-breaking task. The ERP systems will significantly reduce the manual complexities by enabling automation at every stage of the production cycle. An ERP system offers a multitude of valuable features for the food industry units such as inventory tracking, SKU management, warehouse management, and supply chain management.

Benefits :

  • New Recipe Development
  • Recipe Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sample Management
  • Recipe Costing
  • Material Planning
  • Production Planning
  • Forecast Maintenance
  • MPS Dashboard
  • The direct transfer of MPS orders to Production Orders
  • Bi-directional Tracking & Serialization
  • Mobile Warehouse Management
  • Bin Management
  • Multiple UOM
  • Physical & Cycle Count
  • Batch Management & Costing
  • Support for Contract Manufacturing
  • Production QC
  • Manufacturing as per GMP
  • WIP Tracking
  • Quality Analysis and Control
  • Pre-process, In-process, Post-Process and Inventory QC
  • Labels with Ingredient Statements, Allergens, Halal, Kosher, etc.
  • Reports like: FDA Reports
  • Meet HACCP, FSSAI, Lot Recalls plus Audits
  • Supplier/Vendor Management
  • Quote to Receipt Management
  • Integration with Planning
  • Customer Management
  • Sales Management
  • Full-fledged integrated Finance Module
  • Integration with Tally, QuickBooks, SAP, MAS 90/100, Navision, etc.
  • General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Receivables, Contra
  • Trial Balance, Cash Flow
  • Business Partner Aging
  • Supports multiple packaging
  • Electronic Batch Ticket and Electronic Weigh Sheet
  • Separate Granular Costing of Formula and Packaging
  • Waste, By-products & Co-Products Management
  • Dashboards, Reports, KPI analysi

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