Textile CAD and Costing -
Lifts the textile industry to a multinational level!

Modernizes the textile unit day-by-day!!

Implementing Textile CAD and Costing – Drives the textile market in all aspects!

Backed by the reliable and dependable support, the Textile CAD and Costing , an End-to-end costing CAD system is specifically designed for textile manufacturers, textile exporters, textile designers, and training institutions for covering wider range of textile administration costing, and designing process. Implementing this Textile CAD and Costing software provides relevant information across the textile industry thereby supporting them in taking appropriate decision in their administration processes and critical financial accounting processes seamlessly.


Textile CAD and Costing – Makes the time-consuming & cumbersome design processes easier!

Textile CAD and Costing - A revolution in textile industry!

The Textile Industry, which wants to stand out from the crowd and be a renowned and a reliable one, must have the Textile CAD and Costing software in their manufacturing process. Textile CAD and Costing has made the time consuming and cumbersome process of textile designing easier. This improves the overall design quality and productivity of the designers, as well as facilitates easy communication and documentation. Together, these subtasks and processes form a highly efficient process and delivers extraordinary benefits for the textile industries. Textile CAD and Costing is an electronic tool that enables you to make quick and accurate drawings with the use of a computer. Unlike the traditional methods of making drawings on a drawing board, with Textile CAD and Costing you can sit back in an easy chair and create wonderful drawings just by the click of the mouse. Textile CAD and Costing drawings are neat, clean and highly presentable. Moreover, drawings created with Textile CAD and Costing have a number of advantages over drawings created on a drawing board. Textile drawings can be modified quite easily and can be presented in a variety of formats.

Distinctive features

Easy to implement

Flexible & Powerful

Real time textile industry benefits

Key benefits of Textile CAD and Costing

Modules & Sub-Modules of Textile CAD and Costing Software

The Registration Module of Wins Soft CAD provides to keep the details of Buyer, supplier, Other Address Registration, Bank Registration and etc…

Sub Modules

The Wins Soft Smart Costing Module provides an excellent support for marketing, merchandising, and production department. It helps you to all phases of fabric, garment and made ups costing. Costing and yarn requirement for any type of fabric/material/product like plain, yarn dyed, gada, terry, sear sucker, chenille, extra warp and extra weft etc.

  • Easy to find out costing of any textile product.
  • Easy to calculate the Requirements of raw materials and Accessories
  • Flexible report generation buyer wise, Country wise, material wise, count wise etc.
  • Supports all currency and any UOM.
  • Suitable for Sampling, marketing, merchandising, Designing and production Teams.
Sub Modules

The Wins Soft Jacquard Module provides all phases of jacquard creation. Its most outstanding features are high performance is reducing color from the original image to the desired number. It has features like User friendly drawing and editing tools, 2Dand 3D fabric simulations, exact double and triple cloth simulations, float length control and automatic float cutting.

Sub Modules

The Tex Calculator Module of Wins Soft CAD provides the auto generation of fabric construction for given GSM.

Sub Modules

The Tex Dictionary Module of Wins Soft CAD provides the Thesaurus of costing terms like Fiber, yarn, Fabric, Garments, Processing, Finishing and etc.

Sub Modules

The Tex Testing Lab Module of Wins Soft CAD provides test details of Yarn, Fabric and Chemical. It also provides Invoice and Reports for desired test.

Sub Modules

The User Admin Module of Wins Soft CAD provides the rights to Administrator for create and maintain the login details like User Creation, User Rights and Change password. This leads to track the unauthorized person entries.

Sub Modules

Register is a very easy, powerful Reporting System. This Module Contains around 1000 Reports covering the entire ERP Modules.

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